Are you active but not seeing results?

I know first hand how hard it is to diet and exercise without seeing results!

After going through my own personal transformation and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, i've learned the importance of finding a program that is sustainable, is continously challenging, and is most importantly effective.

As a certified personal trainer my education came from the Gold Standard in the industry, the National Academy of Sports Medicine© (NASM).

This means i've received adequate training to instruct women and men of all ages and activity levels. With physician clearance I can train individuals who may have pre-existing health conditions, pregnant women, and varying levels of obesity.

When you receive a training program from me, you can be rest assured that the information I provide is scientifically sound and evidence based. I will never recommend a fad diet, pill, or product.

As always, I follow the philosophy "Passion Over Prestige" which focuses on making lifelong habits based on self-love and a passion for a healthy life; rather than on damaging concepts which focus on perfection.

My Personal Transformation

I'll build you the perfect plan

Pick your Plan

Choose the Best Plan for your needs

When you sign up with a personalized training program I'll collect all the information I need to build your custom workout program. Make sure to provide me with any pre-existing conditions!

Start Tracking

Track Workouts, Stats, Photos, and More

Once your plan has been created you'll receive your complete training schedule and access to hundreds of instructional videos. Track your workouts, weight, and nutrition through MyFitnessPal©.

Reach Goals

See your results, and Exceed them

With our app you'll be able to see your progress, message us at any time with questions, and view all your training information in one place. It couldn't be easier to reach your goals!

Features You Won’t Be Able To Live Without

  • Videos for Every Exercise in Your Plan
  • Strength, Circuit, and Cardio Tracking
  • Check in Notifications and Reminders
  • Personal Messages to Keep you on Track
  • Badges when You Acheive a Personal Best

  • Evolve™ Nutrition and Flexibility Guide
  • Clear Statistics of Your Progress
  • Nutrition Tracking with MyFitnessPal
  • Access Your Workout Anytime, Anywhere
  • Iphone, Android, and Website Access to your Plan

My Training Packages


Why not try it out? A 30 day training plan customized to your needs.

675  kr

  • One Month Online Personal Training Plan
  • See your plan anytime, anywhere with our
    App (iPhone & Android)
  • Evolve™ Nutrition and Flexibility Guide
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See big changes with my most popular package! Consists of a 60-day workout plan!

1350  kr

  • 60 Day Online Personal Training Plan
  • See your plan anytime, anywhere with our
    App (iPhone & Android)
  • Evolve™ Nutrition and Flexibility Guide
  • Nutrition Tracking through MyFitnessPal

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Get the VIP treatment with my 60-day training plan, nutrition tracking, and 3 in-home personal training sessions.*

2200  kr

  • 60 Day Online Personal Training Plan
  • 3 in-home sessions (Beginning, Middle, and Transformation)
  • Body Fat %, Measurements, Before Photos,
    and Cardio Endurance Testing
  • Evolve™ Nutrition and Flexibility Guide
  • Nutrition Tracking through MyFitnessPal
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*Please note payment can be made in Danish Kroner or USD for your convenience.
Online Training is available to all clientele both domestic and international. My premium package is limited to those in greater Copenhagen.

Learn the FAQs

How does Online Training work?
Once you've purchased training services with me I will evaluate your current stats, goals, and more to build the perfect workout plan for you. Once this has been created you can access your plan via Apple or Android mobile applications as well as on my website. You can track your workouts, stats, message me, and more!

How long do I need Online Training?
This depends on your current physique, fitness level, and more. During your initial evaluation we will determine realistic and timely goals. My intention is always to educate you and provide you the skills you need to maintain your successes for life! I will never extend your training beyond necessity; it is my goal to help you reach the point that a trainer is no longer required!

What if i don't know how to do an exercise?
Don't worry! Each and every exercise in your plan will include a detailed video instructing you on how to perform it safely and effectively. I will request a video of your form for some of the most common compound movements such as squats, deadlift and more just to ensure your safety and maximal results.

Am I a good candidate for Online Training?
The best candidate for online training is someone who is already active or has a history of physical activity. While I can certainly motivate you and keep you accountable you must be willing to workout on your own. A strong drive to reach your goals and learn is a necessity! If you need hands-on training, I recommend finding a local personal trainer!

When do I workout? How do I get a schedule?
When you begin training with me I will perform a full evaluation on your goals. In this evaluation we will determine a realistic goal on how often you will workout each week. I will schedule your workouts on the days in which we have agreed, but you have the freedom to workout when and where you'd like!

How do I know if i'm staying on track?
I will personally message you after every scheduled workout to evaluate your training session. Each subsequent workout will be tailored to your goals and feedback. I will encourage you each and every week to ensure you are progressing at the proper rate.