My Bio:

My name's Rain and I'm a certified personal trainer. I offer personal training inside of Vesterbronx Gym in the Copenhagen city center. You can find me in the gym Monday through Friday from early mornings to nights. I look forward to meeting you for your free introductory session!


Where: Vesterbronx Gym, KBH V
When: M - F, 6:00 - 20:00


First Introductory Session: Free
Personal Training Session: 550kr/hour
Total Body Makeover: 2500kr/month + partner 3500kr/month

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Get Ready to Change Your Life.

As a gymnast, i've got the technical skill to program an effective calisthenics routine for you. If you're looking to improve your flexibility, learn handstands, cartwheels, or other moves, let me know!

Weight Lifting
Whether your goal is to increase your power and agility, your maximal strength, or to bodybuild; I can create an effective weight lifting plan for you.

High Intensity Cardio
I create custom High Intensity Interval Training plans for individuals looking to shed fat ASAP. I can help you stay motivated and burn as many calories in a session as possible.


Nutrition Info
Everytime you purchase a training package with me you'll have access to Evolve- The Healthy Lifestyle Transition Plan which includes a comprehensive nutrition guide, meal prep and planning forms, and more.

Active Recovery
I specialize in active recovery plans including: stretching and foam rolling, as well as low intensity and low impact cardio.

Premium Plan
When you purchase a premium plan you'll have access to my app and your custom workout program 24/7, daily motivational support, SMS workout reminders, MyFitnessPal nutrition tracking, and 4 personal training sessions.