Virtual Coaching Client

I absolutely loved working with Rain!

At first I was not convinced about effectiveness of online training programme, but I definitely changed my mind, after working together. We started with online training programme and detailed instructions about flexibility and nutrition. The guide books were excellent- really informative but at the same time explanations were easy to understand. Flexibility guide really caught my attention and been a useful tool while my workouts.

When it's coming to our work together: Rain was always there when I had a question. She was really patient and helpful. Response time was short and explanations really detailed. Workout schedules have been adjusted to my needs ( when, what etc) which is great!

I have a really busy lifestyle, but Rain helped me to keep my motivation up- daily reminders about workouts / measurements. I found it really useful-especially after a long day at work.

Only after 3 weeks, I feel HUGE progress in my strength- I can lift more and my flexibility improved significantly. We achieved a great workout balance without leading to injury.

To sum up I highly recommend working with Rain.”


Virtual Coaching Client

Rain did an excellent job of listening to my goals, constraints, and feedback, and tailoring my training plan accordingly. She was very quick to respond, make modifications as needed, and answer questions. I found Rain made smart, informed decisions for my plan and that she was very encouraging, positive, and never judgemental.The guides she has created for Nutrition and Flexibility are very clear and well-researched.

The Trainerize app she uses was helpful, with example videos of the exercises and a timer function right there. It also sent daily reminders of what I needed to complete that day...Unfortunately MyPlate doesn't synch with the Trainerize app... I also found using RunKeeper in tandem with Trainerize was very helpful and motivating for cardio workouts.

I confidently recommend Rain for online training.


Hiit in 6 Program

This was an excellent program. The intensity was perfect for the amount of time each session took. You definitely get what you put into this program! I plan on doing this again! I saw an increase in strength, cardio ability and body fat loss!


Virtual Coaching Client

“I followed a 3 weeks personalized training plan with Rain, focused on building muscle and growing strength. It was my first experience with an online personal trainer and what attracted me in the beginning was the fact that I had complete freedom over my workout time and location.

The process of creating a personalised workout plan was really smooth for me.

Rain asked me some question regarding my medical and physical condition, about my fitness goals and working out habits and preferences. Based on that and on the photos I uploaded in the online fitness app, she realised immediately what type of exercises I have to do in order to reach my fitness/body goals.

The online app was easy to use, with video demos for each kind of exercises, recommended repetitions and other useful advices from Rain. I appreciated that Rain was available all the time for the questions I had and the fact that she asked for feedback after almost each training session. In return she encouraged and congratulated me for each small achievement.

I am really happy with the results. I mean, you can't completely transform your body in only 3 weeks, but I already see positive changes (it never happened so fast before): I see a lot of improvements in my strength and endurance, my body is more toned and lean.

I really recommend Pop Fitness if you want to reach your fitness goals and see real, long term improvements in your body!


Hiit in 6 Program

I think HIIT in 6 is amazing! The workouts are great and they are easy to learn and keep up with. After the workouts I always felt so amazing and energetic.

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