Virtual Coaching

Train With Me Online
When you purchase virtual coaching you'll receive the VIP treatment. I work very closely with my online clients ensuring that they're able to reach their goals and exceed their expectations. Each and every day you'll receive motivational reminders to stay on track, access to your custom workout plan, receive nutrition tracking and guidance, and so much more.

Price: 675kr / month

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*Free trial lasts 7 days and includes a generic exercise routine.

Custom Workout Plan
Just like with personal training, you'll fill out a consultation and perform a fitness test so that I can build the best workout plan to meet your needs. Whether you want to lose weight, gain muscle, or reach sports goals i'll build a plan tailored for you.

Workout Wherever, Whenever
No more trying to coordinate training sessions in person. You'll have the freedom to workout at your gym, home, or location of choice. Because I offer 24/7 support, you can complete your workouts no matter where you live or what time you choose to exercise.


iPhone, Android, and Web Access
You can access your plan on all devices and at any time. Features of the app include: daily workout reminders, tracks your weight and measurements, view your progress in strength and lifting, badges for personal bests, messaging with me directly for any questions, nutrition tracking and much more.

Premium Content
In addition to your custom workout plan i'll include high-quality videos of my stretching and foam rolling routine to keep you limber and injury free long-term. Each and every exercise in your workout plan has a video demonstrating form for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Virtual Coaching work?
Once you've purchased training services with me I will evaluate your current stats, goals, and more to build the perfect workout plan for you. Once this has been created you can access your plan via Apple or Android mobile applications as well as on my website. You can track your workouts, stats, message me, and more!

How long do I need Virtual Coaching?
This depends on your current physique, fitness level, and more. During your initial evaluation we will determine realistic and timely goals. My intention is always to educate you and provide you the skills you need to maintain your successes for life! I will never extend your training beyond necessity; it is my goal to help you reach the point that a trainer is no longer required!

What if i don't know how to do an exercise?
Don't worry! Each and every exercise in your plan will include a detailed video instructing you on how to perform it safely and effectively. I will request a video of your form for some of the most common compound movements such as squats, deadlift and more just to ensure your safety and maximal results.

Am I a good candidate for Virtual Coaching?
The best candidate for Virtual Coaching is someone who is already active or has a history of physical activity. While I can certainly motivate you and keep you accountable you must be willing to workout on your own. A strong drive to reach your goals and learn is a necessity! If you need hands-on training, I recommend finding a local personal trainer!

When do I workout? How do I get a schedule?
When you begin training with me I will perform a full evaluation on your goals. In this evaluation we will determine a realistic goal on how often you will workout each week. I will schedule your workouts on the days in which we have agreed, but you have the freedom to workout when and where you'd like!

How do I know if i'm staying on track?
I will personally message you after every scheduled workout to evaluate your training session. Each subsequent workout will be tailored to your goals and feedback. I will encourage you each and every week to ensure you are progressing at the proper rate.